Neurological Integration System (NIS)

Neurological Integration System

The Neurological Integration System (NIS) is based on the fact that that the brain controls optimal function of every aspect of the body through its neurological circuitry.  It is constantly receiving information from every part of the body, and in turn sends back ‘fine tuning’ messages, many times per second. This means that the function of every cell, gland, organ, muscle, tendon is constantly monitored and controlled via these circuits.

When stressed beyond their tolerance these communication pathways can stop functioning properly which in turn impairs the health of your body.

By using gentle touch at different ‘reflex points’ around your body and checking the response of various muscles we can assess the function of these communication pathways. If we find circuits in your body that aren’t operating properly we can strengthen them up by using very light pressure on reflex points. This approach is tailored to your individual needs and does not involve any medication, invasive procedures, special diets or homework exercises.